Quality eLine Newsletter
April 2004
Vol. 6, No. 4

CHARTrunner release offers Excel Add-In for charts

Since the days of hand-drawn, manually-calculated control charts, the job of creating and analyzing charts has become easier and easier. Now you can use a charting software program without even leaving your Excel screen, with an add-in introduced with the latest version of CHARTrunner.

Excel users can now draw charts from within Excel, using a menu command that is always available for instant charting. Of course, using CHARTrunner with any database eliminates all data re-entry and transfer for statistical analysis, since the program makes charts from data that resides in Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, and virtually any database program.

Customers have responded positively to CHARTrunner’s ease of use. Kate Eischen, St. Alexius Medical Center (Illinois) says that “CHARTrunner allows for quick and efficient data analysis of key process performance indicators,” she says. “The program is quite easy to use and the charts allow for a very quick and telling interpretation of my data.”

Since data resides in familiar database formats, no data re-entry or transfer is necessary for statistical analysis. In the newest release, users need not exit Excel to produce high quality, visually clear statistical charts, thereby streamlining the process even further.

In CHARTrunner, customers have the ability to scroll and pan charts back and forth across their data, and to select a range of data within a chart. Charts are always fresh, since CHARTrunner links to the most current data. The program facilitates data mining, to bring specific business processes into focus, and since data resides in its familiar native format, the user avoids complex importing.

The upgrade to the new CHARTrunner release is free for customers who hold current maintenance plans. To purchase a maintenance plan for your license of CHARTrunner, call 800-777-3020. To download a free trial copy of the new CHARTrunner release, go to http://www.pqsystems.com/products/SPC/CHARTrunner/CHARTrunnerTrialForm.php

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