Quality eLine Newsletter
March 2004
Vol. 6, No. 3

Top 10 signs you need to update your SPC software:

    10. A dialogue box asks you to record your data with a #2 pencil.

    9. New employees have never seen floppy disks, such as those for your SPC program.

    8. You start the program the night before to make sure it has opened by the time you get to work in the morning.

    7. The binding for your 783 page documentation is breaking--otherwise you'd be able to sell it on the rare book market.

    6 . Your charts print only on a plotter in the engineering department; you have to take a number to assure your place in line for printing.

    5. When the mainframe computer is down, you have to close your department and take the day off.

    4. To send data charts to another plant facility, you use carrier pigeons.

    3. The last technical support person who understood your DOS program has retired.

    2. In order to look at several related charts at once, you use scotch tape.

    And the number one reason you need to update your SPC software:

    Your program will not do Pareto analysis, because Vilfredo Pareto had not been born when your program was developed.

If any of these 10 reasons sound a little too familiar, visit www.pqsystems.com to get the latest version of this popular, easy-to-use SPC software.

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