Quality eLine Newsletter
March 2004
Vol. 6, No. 3

Quality Quiz

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Hartford Simsack’s newest charges, Perry Winkel and Rose E. Glassis, both quit their jobs last month, frustrated with the ambiguous training that Simsack had given. His mission had apparently been to demonstrate their limitation, for he taught them just enough about charting for them to be dangerous. Simsack’s boss, Ford D. River, did not evaluate their exit interviews, so—luckily for Simsack—he is still in the dark about his quality manager’s statistical prowess.

Now Simsack must be sure that the three new technicians hired to replace Winkel and Glassis are competent with the use of p-charts. Simsack loves p-charts, seeing their limitless possibilities, and looks forward to a chance to demonstrate his own grasp of this statistical concept. “All those formulas,” he mumbles in excitement, knowing that the confusion about p-charts lies in the complexity of these impressive formulas. He loves writing these formulas on the whiteboard in the training room.

Simsack explains that as long sample proportions lie between the upper and lower control limits, the process is in control, so there’s nothing to worry about. “Any questions?” he asks, but does not wait for a response.

The following week, Ben Hunten, one of the new technicians, decides to apply what he has learned to a process on one of the lines at Greer Grate & Gate. When he encountered a pattern that seemed puzzling, he took it to Simsack for help in determining whether the process was in control or not.


“All of the points are inside the control limits,” he observes, reminding Hunten of last week’s admonition, “so it’s obvious that your process is perfectly in control.”

Is Hartford Simsack’s response accurate?

A. Yes. After all, what are control limits for, if not to show when everything is in control?

B. No. The process is clearly not in control.

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