Quality eLine Newsletter
January 2004
Vol. 6, No. 1

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Our November support data indicates that the PQ Systems technical support team answers almost 80 percent of calls live (and immediately). Phone messages are returned within an average of less than 15 minutes, and e-mails in under an hour.

This impressive record, according to technical support manager Matt Savage, is attained on a consistent basis because of the team’s expertise and commitment to customer service. “We can’t afford to be dilatory in responding to calls, when every customer is important to us,” he says. Maintenance agreements assure continued support after purchase, as well as discounts on product upgrades when these are released. Customers who are current with maintenance agreements receive this level of service; those without current maintenance agreements can easily bring themselves up to date by calling 800-777-3020.

In their ongoing attention to improvement, team members track the types of calls they receive and the products for which they receive the greatest number of calls. Predictably, PQ Systems’ best-selling SQCpack 4.6 draws the greatest percentage of calls—39 percent.

When customers call to request technical support, their calls are directed to technical support team members who are available for immediate response. When all members are responding to other customers, an incoming call is directed to the “tech queue,” for a response. November’s data suggests that the mean response time for these messages is 13.1666 minutes. Alternatively, customers may e-mail the support line (support@pqsystems.com), and will receive a response via e-mail or telephone within an average of 53.2 minutes.

While most calls relate to inquiries about installing and using the software, some call for support of PQ Systems’ products on older operating systems that may no longer be supported by the developer. Most Microsoft products, for example, have a normal mainstream support drop date 5 years after issue. Microsoft Lifecycle Dates indicate the following expiration dates:

Windows 95: December 2001
Windows 98: June 30, 2003
Windows NT 4.0: June 30, 2002, extended to June 30, 2004
Windows 2000: March 31, 2005
Windows XP: December 31, 2006.

In evaluating the advantages of upgrading to software applications with helpful new features (SQCpack 4.6, for example), customers should consider whether it might be time to review their operating systems and consider upgrading these as well. By upgrading the OS as well as SQCpack, they will find themselves enjoying greater speed and efficiency while gaining new functionality from the software, as well as access to this responsive support team.

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