November 2003   

Vol. 5, No. 11 answers your questions

Ask a question, get an answer: Sounds simple, but without complex research, it sometimes isn’t so easy to get information about statistical applications or process control.  Until now...
PQ Systems has immediately-accessible quality expertise through its expanded online advisor service. The site offers responses to questions as well as a series of articles related to capability, statistical process control (SPC), measurement systems analysis, six sigma, design of experiments, gage R&R studies, and process quality.
Visitors to will find answers and information that they can apply in their own organizations, offered by quality consultants, who will also be available for further discussion of specific issues on quality forums.

The Quality Advisor offers forums in which to ask questions, as well as a library of articles. Information about the advisors themselves and suggestions for further research are also provided. Experts who regularly contribute to the quality library and respond to questions include Michael J. Cleary, Ph.D., Gordon P. Constable, Ph.D., Sally J. Duncan, Jackie Graham, Ph.D., and Matt Savage. All are PQ Systems consultants with a wide variety of experience and rich backgrounds as quality professionals.

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