April  2003

Vol. 5, No. 4

Analyzing health care data with CHARTrunner in Austria

Professor Norbert Pateisky, MD, uses CHARTrunner at the University of Vienna, Austria, to analyze patient data and gynecological data.

Pateisky is a gynecologist at the university hospital, as well as a quality manager with professional training. He is president of OEGGG (Oesterr. Ges. f. gynaekologie & geburtshilfe). He says that he analyzes data for obstetric patients, primarily perinatal, and also departmental data for the hospital.

What follows is a CHARTrunner representation of the frequencies of ambulatory patients. As Dr. Pateisky points out, the object is to reduce this number.


In addition to gathering and analyzing patient data, he uses CHARTrunner to compare obstetric and gynecological data among hospitals. CHARTrunner is a unique SPC charting solution that performs statistical analysis using data that is collected, stored, and managed by other applications such as Excel, Oracle, Access, and more.


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