November  2002

Vol. 4, No. 11

SQCpack 4.6 gives improved charting, summary reporting

A new version of the popular SPC software program, SQCpack 2000  4.6,  provides greatly enhanced chart annotation, allowing users to put text lines and arrows on any chart. But one of the program's most useful enhancements is that of summary reporting, allowing for definition and generation of statistical reports on data in SQCpack databases. Other new features include CUSUM control charts, improved chart styles, and statistical chart titles.
An example of summary reporting is shown here.

Summary for October 2002

CUSUM charts plot the cumulative sum of deviations from a target value, providing critical information to manufacturing professionals as well as those in health care who establish target values for specific processes.
In creating charts, users can control fonts, styles, and colors with flexibility and ease of use, and can impose titles that suggest statistical information conveyed by a chart. For example, a control chart may include the Cpk statistic or other statistical values previously offered only with histograms.
PQ Systems' aggressive schedule of regular upgrades makes new features of the software immediately available to those who have purchased maintenance agreements with earlier versions, development manager Steve Daum said. 'When we see that a feature will be important to our customers, we are able to deliver it in a timely way, rather than waiting for an entirely new product launch. '
SQCpack, originally developed in 1984, is among the world's most popular SPC software programs. It is known for its ease-of-use, as well as its flexibility in customizing formats, identifiers, notes, fonts, etc. Customers can design multiple custom chart styles as well as more detailed chart titles, and can display causes and notes on charts.

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