November  2002

Vol. 4, No. 11

Here's this month's issue of Quality eLine, a newsletter from PQ Systems, Inc. that provides industry news, case studies, quality tips, and information about software products and training services.

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In this issue you will find:

New SQCpack 2000 4.6 gives improved charting, summary reporting.
This update of the popular SQCpack product offers shortcuts to charting and reporting that will save time and keystrokes and give users greater control of chart appearance and labeling. Go to sqcpack.htm

Quality Quiz: Another quiz from Professor Cleary--and last month's winners!
Winners of last month's quiz (and a copy of Quality Gamebox) are Phillip Atkins (Eight O'Clock Coffee); Gary Nafus (WEA Corp.); Richard Norcini (Lubrizol ); Linda Rouse (HO Bostrom); and David West (Ebonite International). Congratulations! For November's quiz question, and a chance to win a copy of this fun, interactive teaching tool, go to Quality_Quiz.htm

Data in everyday life: Control Thanksgiving calories. Here's how.
This CHARTrunner chart shows the huge difference in the amount of calories you can consume by sitting down for one meal.  This is not usually something we like to think about but it could be an invaluable aid in understanding how to fill your plate for Thanksgiving dinner. Have a good meal while you decrease the amount of calories by eating less of the high calorie items. For more, go to chartsyoucanuse.htm


Six Sigma and more: David Schwinn attends a seminar, thinks about chaos.
Our guest columnist attends a seminar that focuses on participation in evolution of one's life, self, and world. One thing leads to another, and David's ruminations go to chaos theory and ultimately'guess what--Six Sigma. Go to sixsigmaandmore.htm

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