June 2002

Vol. 4, No. 6

Maintaining software:
It’s easy to stay current with automatic upgrade contract

If you’ve ever had the experience of finding that your software program is two versions behind (and then finding that you’ll have to pay full price to jump to the newest version), you understand the importance of staying current with your software applications. But who has time to track down the status of the version that you have, study the features in every release, and request a purchase order to bring your application up to date?
You can be sure that you have the latest releases of PQ Systems’ software programs with an easy-to-use maintenance agreement. Your organization will pay an annual fee that will assure your receipt of every new upgrade and release for a full year. In addition, you will receive the benefit of our technical support team’s responsiveness to questions about the software, quality techniques, statistical concepts, or specific applications of SPC and gage R&R in your organization. Those with current software agreements receive top priority in receiving this support, although others can take advantage of the hotline number as well, on an availability basis.
Because software development has changed, from a model of bringing out a major release every couple of years, to one in which features are incorporated on an ongoing basis, maintenance and support contracts have become the way to go, according to software development manager Steve Daum. “The customer doesn’t even have to keep track of new features that are added,” he says. Instead, PQ Systems will send the latest version each time there is a change.
The new model also offers the opportunity for features to be introduced as soon as possible after customers have requested them, and to be incorporated into the next maintenance release, rather than being put into a list for the next development cycle. When customers ask for a new feature, it is now possible to deliver this feature within a few months.
Those who renew before their expiration date will receive a $100 coupon for any one- or two-day PQ Systems seminar. “The savings on the seminar tuition almost pays for the cost of renewing a maintenance agreement,” says Marilou Jewett, seminar and events coordinator.
In summary, among the benefits that accrue from the $195 investment for PQ Systems software maintenance plan are the following:

  • free software upgrades via download or CD format
  • access to technical support via a toll-free number
  • bonus $100 coupon for any one- or two-day PQ Systems seminar
  • assurance of support and upgrades that are critical to optimal job performance

Customers who renew before their plans expire pay only $195 for their next annual renewal fee, and those who want to take advantage of a two-year plan will pay only $295 by renewing prior to their expiration date.

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