June 2002

Vol. 4, No. 6

Quality Quiz

Donatello Mymuther has been denied the pay increase that he had anticipated, and he's convinced that it's because his boss, quality engineer Don Kryfermee (an Argentinian), believes that he has not learned enough about statistics to be reliable in the company's quality assurance department. Accordingly, he registers for a class on simple regression, hoping that the enrollment alone will convince Don Kryfermee, Argentinian, that he is indeed knowledgeable about statistics.
Unfortunately, the class meets on Monday evenings from 7 to 10 p.m., and Donatello sometimes has difficulty staying awake. During the second class session, Professor Matt Uruvfactt lectured on the correlation coefficient, and although Donatello found the topic fascinating, he nonetheless dozed for a moment. When he refocused, he heard Professor Uruvfact use the phrase, 'standard error of the estimate. ' For Donatello, the term had a nice ring to it, and he resolved to remember it, although he had no concept of its application.
Back at the plant, armed with his newfound knowledge, Donatello led a session for technicians about simple regression. He invited Don Kryfermee (Argentinian) to sit in as he demonstrated a scatter diagram using CHARTrunner software, and as he finished the demonstration, a technician asked about the standard error of the estimate. Glancing furtively at his boss, he took a deep breath and responded, 'Oh that. It's the estimate of error for the majority of cases. '

Did Donatello get lucky with his answer, or is he out of the ball park entirely?
A) Donatello Mymuther should thank his lucky stars. He hit the answer squarely.

B) Donatello, in trying to wing it with his response, has struck out.

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