October 2001

Vol. 3, No. 10

Here's this month's issue of Quality eLine, a newsletter from PQ Systems, Inc. that provides industry news, case studies, quality tips, and information about software products and training services.

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Further up the line: Quality feed production contributes to food quality
Attention to food quality involves far more than simply monitoring the quality of what people eat. For one producer, monitoring feed manufacturing processes to assure high quality food for its pork production represents a critical contribution to the quality of that production. For more about Murphy Brown and its quality efforts, go to foodquality.htm.

Quality Quiz: Another quiz from Professor Cleary--and last month's winners!
Winners of last month's quiz (and a copy of Quality Gamebox) are:  Barry Crook (Washington State Dept. of Licensing); Pam Hentges (Fastenal Co.); David Liu (Alpha Industries); Michael Tapia (AT&T Broadband); and Wilma Weems, (Tampa Electric Co.). Congratulations!
To take the this month's quiz, go to Quality_Quiz.htm.

Data in everyday life: Great pumpkin! Chart shows champions 1979-2000
CHARTrunner charts reflect pumpkin sizes in Great Pumpkin Competition each year. How do your pumpkins compare?  Go to chartsyoucanuse.htm.

Six Sigma and more: David Schwinn reflects on the events of September 11
Events that change our lives have implications for work communities as well. Organizational relationships that involve fear and ignorance are worthy of review and change. Go sixsigmaandmore.htm.

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