September 2001

Vol. 3, No. 9

Six Sigma Start-Up:
Painless implementation for companies of all sizes

The developers who brought you SPC Workout  have introduced Six Sigma Start-Up, a program that plants the training seeds for Six Sigma implementation without giant expenditures of time and money.

The new computer-based interactive training system teaches operators, engineers, supervisors, and managers the key concepts of Six Sigma so they will be better prepared to support a company's Six Sigma efforts.

Instruction in the interactive training focuses on the Six Sigma environment, tools, and infrastructure, with exercises to support learning and a "Six Sigma Challenge" to test a user's knowledge of what he or she has learned in the training. Tools include statistical tools, problem solving, decision-making, process mapping, lean thinking, root cause analysis, process improvement, and data analysis and display.

Since the program can be utilized both in training settings and by individuals, it can not only introduce Six Sigma to a company, but can reinforce key learning concepts throughout the Six Sigma process. Training classes are a fundamental part of Six Sigma learning, but as new employees come on board they must often wait until such classes are offered. Six Sigma Start-Up provides the critical knowledge they will need to be a part of a company's Six Sigma efforts from the beginning.

Six Sigma Startup was developed by Resource Engineering, whose other products include SPC Workout, Mistake-Proof It!, Gage Mentor, and FMEA Investigator.


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