July 2001

Vol. 3, No. 7

Quality Quiz

Here's July's question from Professor Cleary. After you have read the question, click on the response that you think is correct. If you answer correctly, you can register to win a free copy of Quality Gamebox.

Rosa Mongthorns, who collected data for capability analysis in her position for Light Up Your Life Candles, Inc., was never caught in the deception she perpetrated on customer Wicked Wicks last month, but she has lost some sleep over it and has vowed not to resort to such underhanded techniques again. (You may remember that she used white-out liquid to eliminate out-of-spec data.) Whiting out data that was out of spec, after all, is not the work of a professional with integrity, and Rosa has learned her lesson for now.

Wicked Wicks would like to pursue another capability study, this time related to the roundness of the molds that LUYLC uses in creating candles. The upper specification limit in the data is .005, and the lower spec limit is not defined, since they would like to believe that none of the company's candles is less than perfectly round. (Except of course, for the square candles and those created in the shapes of fish and bunnies, or the heart-shaped red candles that sell so well in February.)

Rosa advances the study based on the data that she has been given. Since there is no lower spec limit, she decides to use zero for that limit. "This will let them know that it is a null set," she hypothesizes.

Is her determination to set lower spec limits at zero a correct one?

A. Yes

B. No


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