May 2001

Vol. 3, No. 5

Quality Quiz

And now for May's question. After you have read the question, click on the response that you think is correct. As in previous quizzes, if you answer correctly, you can register to win a free copy of Quality Gamebox.

Will Ressque is a lifeguard at a prestigious private club that serves magnates of industry and their families. Eager to insinuate himself into the good graces of Bordov Drecters, a member who happens to have a beautiful daughter, Will chats with him occasionally about business. Will is a business major in his undergraduate studies, so he tries to make connections with the complex industrial concerns that Mr. Drecters has, but sometimes finds himself limited in the conversation.

He begins to realize that Mr. Drecters' company utilizes data in its decision making, and has been doing statistical process control (SPC) in the interest of improving its products. Will, who is taking SPC courses in college, has a flash of insight about how to get Mr. Drecters' attention and perhaps that of his beautiful daughter, Wanda. He decides to do an individuals chart based on samples of pH levels in the club pool so that he can show the charts to Mr. Drecters.

After charting the data, Will finds that the pH level goes down each half-hour he samples the water after the chemicals have been added. He would like the target to reach 7.0. From the chart, he hopes to determine how long it takes to reach this level after the balancing chemicals have been added to the pool. What statistical tool will give more accurate predictions of the time required to reach the pH level of 7.0? Will Will win Wanda?

A. Corrigendum

B. Regression

C. Conceptual Population

D. Central Location



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