April 2001

Vol. 3, No. 4

New! SQCpack 2000:
From start to finish, an easier way to analyze data

SQCpack 2000 is a 32-bit version of SQCpack that will make everything easier, when it comes to data analysis and charting, from importing data to selecting colors for sigma zones on control charts. The product has undergone rigorous testing among a cadre of SQCpack customers, including those who had made suggestions about "must-do" features in the new release. 

These features include a variety of practical steps that will eliminate keystrokes and save time in setup, data entry, and charting, as well as some "nice surprises" that customers may not have requested but will be especially delighted with. 

With so many new features offered in the program, development manager Steve Daum summarizes the ways that SQCpack 2000 will improve the life of a user. It will fit into-and work well with-existing computing environments; it will make common SPC functions easy to find, easy to use, and immediately accessible; and it will make it easy to create, publish, share, and transport quality information throughout the enterprise. Of course, it's easy to import data from earlier versions of SQCpack.

Related variables, attributes, and Pareto characteristics, for example, can be included in the same group, allowing a customer to track measurements, defects, and types of defects associated with one part-together in a group. Multiple databases can be accessed simultaneously, and calculated (or computed) characteristics can be used within groups. For example, a customer might define net weight as gross weight minus tare weight, and enter this as a computed characteristic. 

SQCpack 2000 easily generates blank charts-useful in training or as worksheets, and a new "find" feature will locate data fast. Data can be imported directly from Excel and other databases. This, says Daum, is "reason enough to invest in SQCpack 2000," since it eliminates this sometimes-complex task. All existing SQCpack data can be easily converted to SQCpack 2000 format. To see these and other features in this powerful offspring of the SQCpack lineage or to download a pre-release copy for free 30-day inspection.

The program offers more flexibility in customizing formats, identifiers, notes, fonts, etc. Customers can design multiple custom chart styles as well as more detailed chart titles, and can display causes, notes, and corrective actions on charts-something often requested by customers. By clicking and dragging, control limits can be computed directly on control charts. Automatically-incrementing identifiers can, for example, add increments of 15 minutes to each sample identifier.

And with all these strategies to simplify your data analysis, you'll have plenty of time to make your control chart's sigma zones whatever color you choose. 



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