April 2001

Vol. 3, No. 4

Quality Quiz

And now for April's question. After you have read the question, click on the response that you think is correct. As in previous quizzes, if you answer correctly, you can register to win a free copy of Quality Gamebox.

You will remember last month's quiz, in which Alonga Leesh collected data relating to customer satisfaction at Best Friends Pet Grooming. Unfortunately, in the process of measuring the tail wagging of one of her customers, Alonga was attacked by a small terrier and is recovering from a series of sutures to her ankle. We wish her a speedy recovery, and remind her to note the special cause in her data that the incident represents. 

Alonga's enthusiasm for data collection was not dampened by her experience, however. While she was recuperating, she had an opportunity to share her results with her beautician, Hara Dryah and has taught Hara and her manicurist, Emorah Bord, about the importance of data gathering and analysis. Hara would like to increase the volume of sales in her shop, and believes that if she can increase the number of people who seek manicures, she will be able to sell hair services, as well as products such as nail enamels and shampoos. She asks Emorah to record the number of manicures she does per day, after Alonga Leesh has explained to both of them the use of individual moving range charts and providing Emorah with a copy of SQCpack 2000 that she has just downloaded from www.pqsystems.com.

One day, Emorah Bord notes that the chart indicates an "out of control" condition. Her first instinct is to hide this information from her boss, Hara Dryah, or to secretly call Alonga to find out what she should do to avoid having anyone know that she is out of control. "How embarrassing," she thinks. She also remembers the sad experience of her mentor, Alonga Leesh, whose out-of-control incident required medical attention.

After sleeping on the issue, she decides to show her chart to Hara the next morning. Just as she had feared, her boss is unhappy about what the chart shows, and presses her for reasons for the out-of-control situation. "You were probably distracted that day," she says, and suggests that Emorah delete the chart and start over, collecting data until the process is in control. 

True or false: Hara Dryah is right; the out-of-control situation is probably a mistake, and Emorah Bord should throw out the data and start over, because it is not a good thing to be out of control. 

a. True
b. False

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