April 2001

Vol. 3, No. 4

Unique partnership improves lab operations and process quality

A unique partnership between Laboratory Automation Solutions, Inc. (LAS), a Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) consulting company, and PQ Systems, Inc. brings automated quality assurance solutions and charting capabilities to the analytical testing and research and development industries. The PQ Systems and LAS partnership provides unmatched support for organizations in meeting ISO 9000 and other quality standards.

LAS is a highly specialized LIMS consulting firm with unique experiences and expertise in analytical instrument interfacing, information technology, and laboratory quality assurance and control. The firm's customers include a wide array of manufacturing laboratories as well as health care, environmental, municipal, and pharmaceutical laboratory organizations. According to LAS president Kelly Klepinger, PQ Systems' CHARTrunner and GAGEpack programs offer ideal solutions for a number of laboratory applications and are logical interfaces to most LIMS applications. "The partnership with PQ Systems brings a total solution approach for the manufacturing quality assurance environment with some of the best experts that the industry has to offer," she says.

Using the capabilities of both LAS and PQ Systems, an organization can breeze through ISO 9000 audits and ISO 17025 requirements with seamless data flow and sample chain of custody, from process and analytical instrument data to final reports and certificates of analysis. Audit trails are common features of most LIMS. LAS creates the vital data link between process data output devices, laboratory instrumentation, and statistical process control (SPC) software, greatly reducing laboratory paperwork and associated transcription errors. The firm provides the actual interfaces, including networking and physical connections, and ongoing training and support as needed.

CHARTrunner, http://www.pqsystems.com a stand-alone charting tool for general statistical process control (SPC) charting, eliminates data entry and streamlines the process of statistical analysis. The program, developed by statisticians at PQ Systems, Inc., creators of the best-selling SQCpack  reads data that resides in Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, and virtually all other data sources and instantly creates SPC charts, making data immediately available for analysis. Laboratory data is automatically converted into clear charts for analysis and communication of results.

GAGEpack 2000, http://www.pqsystems.com is a powerful 32-bit gage calibration software program that helps users manage complete histories of measurement devices, instruments, gages, and other laboratory equipment. The program allows a customer to create, sort, and update an unlimited number of gage records. Every copy of GAGEpack 2000 includes all the functionality of PQ Systems R&Rpack 2000 for gage reliability and reproducibility, as well as multi-gage R&R studies with graphs and charts. GAGEpack 2000 can be integrated with nearly all LIMS applications, and especially with applications in metrology and instrument calibration environments. 

Professionals at LAS, Inc. provide expertise to help laboratories select and implement LIMS and fine tune their QA/QC functions and meet their integration goals. Supported by products from PQ Systems, the LAS/PQ Systems partnership provides a natural augmentation to both companies' strengths, thereby ensuring total quality management objectives and improved laboratory operations. For more information about Laboratory Automation Solutions, Inc., visit http://www.labautomation.com.


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