March 2001

Vol. 3, No. 3

Beyond Excel:
Seminar teaches easy SPC charting from current database

A new PQ Systems half-day informational seminar offers instruction in creating charts from existing data. The seminar, launched last month in Dayton, will be repeated in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Indianapolis later this spring.

Charts are created from existing databases or spreadsheets with the use of CHARTrunner software, a stand-alone charting tool for general statistical process control (SPC) use that eliminates data entry and streamlines the process of statistical analysis. The program, developed by PQ Systems, reads data that resides in Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, and virtually all other data sources and instantly creates SPC charts, making data immediately available for analysis. 

Seminar participants who commented on the first training sessions in Dayton were overwhelmingly positive about the usefulness of the training with respect to meeting their needs. "I can now see easier charting for monthly production charts," one commented. Another remarked about her feeling that "if I ever had any questions, even after I leave, you would make sure they were answered."

Sessions have been scheduled for April 4 in Cleveland and April 5 in Detroit, as well as in Indianapolis and Chicago in May. More information is available at or by calling 800-777-3020.



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