August 1999

Vol. 1, No. 8

Quality Tools for Kids: Koalaty Keys is geared to high school students 

With the success of the educational initiative launched by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in its Koalaty Kid approach, interest in quality learning for secondary students has burgeoned. PQ Systems has developed Koalaty Keys to support secondary-level improvement efforts offered by ASQ.

Based on the popular Total Quality Tools, Koalaty Keys offers problem-solving and statistical tools for improvement that will appeal to high school students and their teachers. Examples and anecdotes are based on secondary school classroom experiences, and language is geared to students in grades 9-12.

"Koalaty Kid was launched by ASQ with students in grades K-8 in mind," says Soren Gormley, TQT product manager. "As these students have gotten older, it has become increasingly important to build on their quality learning." The materials are designed to be used by those who are meeting quality improvement concepts for the first time as well as more sophisticated students with prior experience in their elementary years, Gormley points out. Clear cross-referencing and arrangement of tools in the book enhance flexibility in approach and use.

ASQ’s Koalaty Kid Handbook is based on the theory, process, and tools of quality that are offered by the Total Quality Transformation system designed by PQ Systems. For more information about the Koalaty Kid initiative, visit ASQ’s Koalaty Kid website,


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