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Six SPC charting problems solved

Download the free control chart white paper "Six SPC Charting Inefficiencies Solved" from PQ SystemsWhy do businesses invest money and effort to improve productivity?

The answer is payback. The idea of studying a process, minimizing the costs, and streamlining work is old and well practiced. However, when new technologies are early in their deployment, organizations sometimes throw tried and trusted techniques out the window.

Consider the installation of a new color printer on the network. Employees connected to the network discover the new printer and are soon printing almost everything to the new device. Admittedly, the price of printing in color has come down dramatically. But do the check sheets that hang on restroom walls to log cleaning sessions require 64-bit true color with a photo-grade high-gloss finish?

We often see similar problems when an organization first deploys statistical process control (SPC) software. SPC charting is not new technology. It has been around since the 1930s. However, in the 1930s, people created SPC charts by hand using paper and pencil. Today, when deploying SPC, organizations create charts with software. Thus, SPC charting is prone to the new technology inefficiency syndrome referred to in the color printer example.

The six inefficiencies we often observe when organizations first deploy SPC software are:

  1. Chart it because we can;
  2. Chart it in case we need it some day;
  3. Assume that EVERYONE wants to look at ALL of the charts;
  4. Expand the scope of what is charted;
  5. Prematurely invent and deploy other systems to support charting;
  6. Prematurely define and enforce charting standards.

Six SPC Charting Problems Solved describes six time and money-wasting practices that can occur when companies implement statistical process control and provides tips on how to avoid them. You can keep your company’s SPC efforts running efficiently by following the tips described in this white paper. (6 pages)

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