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Control charts are valuable tools to help you and your team implement fundamental process changes to improve manufacturing processes. But before you can effectively utilize the information from the chart, you must first be confident that the chart being reviewed is healthy. Just as you wouldn’t perform elective surgery on a patient with an infection, you shouldn’t analyze a control chart without first considering seven key traits.

Software is an invaluable tool for creating control charts; however, great diversity among software programs exists. When choosing statistical process control (SPC) software, use these seven traits as a guide.

When choosing control charting software, use these seven traits as a guide.

  1. Screen for excessive variation
  2. Clear, extensive, and accurate titles
  3. Underlying data visible on the chart
  4. Control limits reflect process change
  5. Out-of-control conditions clearly identified
  6. Assignable causes shown but not used in overall calculations
  7. Annotations used to increase understanding

Seven Traits of a Healthy Control Chart provides an overview of seven attributes to consider when creating control charts in healthcare. These seven traits will help make chart analysis simpler so that you can make clear, data-based decisions. When choosing control charting software, you will want to use these seven traits as a guide. (11 pages)

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