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Five Costly Mistakes Applying SPC
(and how to avoid them)

Download the free control chart white paper "Five Costly Mistakes Applying SPC (and how to avoid them)" from PQ SystemsBy Steve Daum

I have daily conversations with manufactures who are using statistical process control (SPC). I field questions from plant managers, quality managers, engineers, supervisors, and plant production workers about the challenges of applying these quality methods. Of the mistakes I witness in the application of SPC, the following are the five most prevalent and costly.

About the author

Steve DaumSteve Daum is Director of Development for PQ Systems. He has more than 30 years of experience with statistical process control, control charts, and control charting software. Steve has published papers in a variety of professional journals and has led multiple seminars and presented on statistical process control and issues related to quality to a variety of audiences in the U.S., England, and South Africa.

Five Costly Mistakes Applying SPC (and how to avoid them) summarizes the five most common mistakes that can occur when applying statistical process control (SPC). This white paper will provide ways to avoid making these mistakes, which could cost you wasteful scrap, valuable time, or an important customer. (12 pages)

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