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Cpk: Indispensable index or misleading measure?

By Steve Daum

Download the free Cpk white paper "Cpk: Indispensable index or misleading measure?" from PQ SystemsWhat is capability analysis and why do it?

Capability analysis is a set of calculations used to assess whether a system is able to meet a set of requirements. Customers, engineers, or managers usually set the requirements, which can be specifications, goals, aims, or standards.

The primary reason for doing a capability analysis is to answer the question: Can we meet customer requirements? To be more specific: Can our system produce consistently within tolerances required by the customer now and in the future?

About the author

Steve DaumSteve Daum is Director of Development for PQ Systems. He has more than 30 years of experience with statistical process control, control charts, and control charting software. Steve has published papers in a variety of professional journals and has led multiple seminars and presented on statistical process control and issues related to quality to a variety of audiences in the U.S., England, and South Africa.

Capability analysis is useful, enhancing communication between producer and customer and providing information about underlying processes. It is more than a simple statistical calculation, however. This white paper cautions that this analysis should be taken with clear understanding by both sides of the communication about the process. (10 pages)

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